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In one of the historical and picturesque regions of Georgia, in Adjara mountains, in the midst of unique nature, you will find a multi-functional "Adjarian Wine House" surrounded by vineyards, having Georgian restaurant, wine factory, enotheque, wine cellar with Qvevri and wine tasting halls. 

Here, with the background of the beautiful landscapes, you will learn Georgian ancient traditions, taste delicious wine and Georgian dishes; You will visit the vineyard and learn unique ways of producing Georgian wine. You can buy and taste local wines made with traditional technologies, which are distinguished by its taste and aroma. In this respect, our special wine is Chkhaveri Rose under the brand "Porto Franco" offering variety of dry, semi-sweet and Qvevri wines.

Chkhaveri is an old Georgian original vine that is harvested only in Western Georgia. This culture was under the hazard of demolition but has been preserved for centuries by the population of Keda. Adjarian wine house takes credit for renewing Chkhaveri's wine factory and grounding its revival. However, due to the scarcity of grape harvest, only 10 000 bottles of "Porto Franco" are produced annually. This wine is distinguished with a tenderness and harmony, alcohol and acidity balance.

The name "Porto Franco" is related to the capital city of Adjara Autonomous Republic - Batumi, which was established in the late 19th century as a free economic zone. Historically, the brothers Nobles started transporting oil to Europe through the Batumi port. Batumi is the oldest European city, where one and a half century ago dozens of embassies and consulates operated.

Numbers 41.3 and 41.3 set on the bottle labels of "Chkhaveri" Wine and Chacha indicate the size of the longitude and longitude of Batumi, which are equal.

Adjarian Wine House offers the best Qvevri wine produced with traditional technology. Here you can taste and buy white, rose and red wines produced with high standards in our two factories. We produce six sorts of dry; Four - semi - sweet; Five - Qvevri, a variety of taste Chacha and Cognac. Also, a champagne aged in the bottle.

Adjarian Wine House is located 20 km from Batumi, at a convenient location on the main road of Keda, on the river bank. Because of these features Adjarian wine house equally attracts to Georgian and foreign tourists, whose number exceeded 100,000 in 2017.


Established in 2010
Our history
  • 2010 History

    2010 History

    Adjarian Wine House was officially opened in December 2010. Due to the convenient location, the beautiful environment, unique wine and delicious dishes, it became very popular for the locals as well as for the Georgian and foreign guests visiting Adjara.
  • 2012 - Honorary guests

    2012 - Honorary guests

    One of the first honorary guests of the Adjarian Wine House was former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who visited our vineyards and wine cellars, tasted several Adjarian dishes and degustated Porto Franco Chkhaveri. "Fabulous evening with friends. “Thank you for your gracious hospitality," Hillary Clinton left her review in our book.
  • 2013 - 100 000 visitors each year

    2013 - 100 000 visitors each year

    It is worth mentioning that more than 100,000 guests visit the restaurant annually, including the presidents of the US, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey and Prime Ministers, world-class culture and sports representatives.
  • 2017 - New owner

    2017 - New owner

    Adjarian Wine House became the ownership of construction-development company Mardi Holding in November, 2017. The Holding includes both construction and development, as well as operates hotel and restaurant businesses. It owns wine factories and is the producer of first Georgian cigar.


Call for reservation

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